Life In 360°: A Quick Moment Just To Breathe

It’s Friday. It’s been, quite possibly a stressful week to get here. Maybe the computer has eaten that work that you’ve dedicated hours too and is, seemingly, in no mood to regurgitate it any time soon. Maybe there’s been an unexpected expense that’s come your way; I can tell you from personal experience that’s something that put a rather elaborate spanner in my week. I knew it had been cold here recently, but didn’t realise I’d used that much gas. Goodness.

Whether it is a financial headache, stress from work or a situation at home it’s always a good idea to just take a few minutes to yourself and relax. Let your mind float away into the ether and take in the world around you. It’s a pretty remarkable place and thanks to the ever-developing technologies employed in the video and photographic camera industries we get to see more and more beautiful images from places around the world, below the seas, up in the skies and into the beyond past our atmosphere.

It’s actually a topic we will visit tomorrowon VRFocus with an interview from this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in which we discussed with iconic camera firm Kodak some of the 360 degree products they are currently working on – in fact they were so early to show them the company hadn’t even come up with an official name for them yet!

That is then and the future, however. There are still plenty of good 360 degree cameras around for you to capture footage with. Such as that used by today’s 360 degree video. We’re off to America (yes, yet again) but more specifically to the state of Alaska and to Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, in the Alaska Range of mountains. Denali is in fact the highest mountain peak in the whole of North America and that’s where we’re going – sort of. Actually, we’re not going to the mountain at all. Just the bank of a river nearby to sit back, let some piano music waft through the air, and watch the sunset.

It’s a short one, but a perfect little slice of time to take a quick breather.