Life In 360°: A Heavy Metal Date With The Devil

This year’s edition of CES has started which means that, for those of us left in the UK, sleep is going to become something of a privilege over the next few days. Whilst you can expect all manner of stories coming out of the next week – and you should definitely check back regularly with VRFocus, especially considering some of the technology that we know is going to be on display at the event – for us there’s going to be a definite need to wake ourselves up. For some of us that’s going to be coffee for others of us it’s going to be getting the blood pumping (and possibly taping some eyelids open) to some heavy music. 

All of which ties in frightfully well to today’s example of 360 degree video in action.

Yes, there’s spaceships, demons and “neon black holes”. All of which are scientifically proven to aid with the removal of the cobwebs from the conscious part of the brain. The video comes from Titmouse, the Emmy award-winning Los Angeles based animation production studio. This, their second virtual reality (VR) music video, is Icarus 666 and samples Brendon Small’s latest album, Galaktikon II: Become the Storm. Which, I can assure you isn’t all delecate violins or light accoustic guitars. Small is man behind the metal band DETHKLOK and the DETHALBUMS – and with a name like that you should probably have all the information you need as to what to expect music-wise!

Described as a ‘heavy metal Space Mountain VR ride ‘, it’s available for free on Steam for the HTC Vive and for on the Oculus Store as well, for the Oculus Rift. Icarus 666 is no ordinary music video, even taking into consideration its 360 degree view. It’s also one created using Google’s Tilt Brush Toolkit, and it’s from the Google VR YouTube channel that this can be seen.

“Anything you can create using Tilt Brush can be brought into Unity through the Toolkit.” Explained Titmouse’s President and owner, Chris Prynoski. “More than just something that makes our eyes pop out of our heads, working in VR and with AR for the launch of the Snapchat World Lens Gravy Time has been crazy-bananas.”

You can check out the “crazy-bananas” stuff below, though a warning to headphone users be sure to lower your volume before you press play. Life In 360° will be back on Wednesday at the usual time.