LetinAR Showcase New AR Optic Lens At CES 2018

New Pin Mirror lens allows for more practical AR Smart Glasses.

There are a couple of technical limitations that have been holding back augmented reality (AR) smart glasses back from widespread adoption. One of which is the weight and bulk of the devices, the other is the potential eye-strain and dizziness. LetinAR have developed a new optical solution that it has integrated into smart glasses.

The solution lies in how humans perceive distance. The reason for the eye-strain and dizziness problems is that virtual reality (VR) and AR devices can usually only show a fixed distance to an object, and if the perceived distance doesn’t match the focal length, this can cause fatigue and eye-strain. LetinAR has developed a technology it called Pin-Mirror, which can show a crisp virtual image of an object without inducing eye fatigue.

Most AR devices display objects over a meter away, while LetinAR Pin-Mirror Lens can allow display and interaction with virtual objects only 25cm away. The new technology also enables a 70-degree wide field-of-view and realistic colour display.

LetinAR have had success in injection moulding high refractive index plastic into Pin-Mirror lenses, allowing for mass production in the future. A prototype set of smart glasses equipped with the Pin Mirror lenses has been developed, and look very similar to regular heavy-frame glasses, and weight only 99 grams, making them practical for prolonged use.

LetinAR CEO Jaehyeok Kim says, “We currently provide a 1280 x 720 resolution for each eye because of the limitations in micro-display, but users will still enjoy the Pin-Mirror AR comfortably with no decline in quality after the launch of high resolution display, 4K or more.”

LetinAR will be displaying the PinMirror lens technology at CES 2018, located at Booth #51115, Tech West, Sands Expo Hall G, Eureka Park. VRFocus will also be present at the event, bringing you the latest news on hands-on reports from the show floor.

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