Knights of the Drowned Table Brings Medieval Drinking Games to VR

RillyBoss Studios has launched its debut virtual reality (VR) videogame, Knights of the Drowned Table, now available via Steam Early Access. Knights of the Drowned Table transports players into a fantasy tavern, where they will encounter the local bar flies.

Knights of the Drowned Table screenshot

The gameplay of Knights of the Drowned Table plays out via flashbacks from within this tavern. As you bring each drunk a drink they will tell you a tale, and as they narrate their outrageous adventures, you will relive them through your own eyes; journeying through new lands and engaging in combat with various ferocious enemies.

Players can chose to play solo or co-operatively in the story mode, or duke it out in PvP. Knights of the Drowned Table presents a series of unique stories, levels, and a sense of humour, supporting co-operative gameplay for up to five players.

“We have been creating Knights of the Drowned Table for a little over four months. We are excited to bring it to the fans and are eager to grow with our community,” stated William Ross of RillyBoss Studios in an e-mail to VRFocus.

RillyBoss Studios aim to launch the full Knights of the Drowned Table videogame in June 2018. The next six months will be spent addressing community feedback, as well as adding more content, polish, and features, including additional voice acted stories, environments, and gameplay modes.

Knights of the Drowned Table screenshot

“The main goal of releasing Knights of the Drowned Table via Early Access is engage with the community. We greatly encourage brutally honest feedback, suggestions, and ideas. We want to deliver the best product we can, and need help from the community to create that,” reads the official Steam Early Access page for Knights of the Drowned Table.

Knights of the Drowned Table is available via Steam Early Access now, compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMDs). The videogame is priced at £11.39 GBP while in Early Access, though RillyBoss Studios warn that there could be a price increase upon the launch of the full title next year. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Knights of the Drowned Table and other VR videogames or experiences from RillyBoss Studios