Keeping a Tight Leash on Studio Roqovan’s Stunt Corgi

Fan of the dog show Crufts? Like watching dogs running around performing all manner of tricks? Well Studio Roqovan, the team behind first-person shooter (FPS) World War Toons has got your back with its second virtual reality (VR) release Stunt Corgi. Naturally VRFocus has taken an interest in the new release and created another gameplay video for our readers to enjoy.

Stunt CORGI screenshot_03

Announced in December and released for HTC Vive a couple of week’s ago via Steam, Stunt Corgi is a sandbox title where you can build all sorts of obstacle courses for your pet corgi in a roomscale sized garden. With an assortment of over 25 items with which to build some impressive stunts VRFocus had its corgi jumping through fire rings and performing action barrel rolls in no time.

Building courses are one thing, but what’s a good course without some style and bravado. So there’s an extensive closet full of items to accessorize the pooch. Over 100 combinations of skins and clothes are available, a veritable cornucopia of hats, jackets and boots can be worn, giving your corgi that much desired look of a stunt dog. All of these are free, there’s no need to unlock anything, or pay a micro transaction.

Additionally, there’s also the option to share levels through screenshots and video on social media channels like Facebook in an upcoming update.

The gameplay video will showcase all of this and more – at one point the desire to fling the corgi out the garden does occur – as VRFocus demonstrates how not to build an obstacle course.