Jujubee Bringing VR To Historical Videogame KURSK

Recently on VRFocus we’ve featured a number of posts, particularly in our regular Life In 360 series where we’ve looked at the wonders that can be discovered underneath the ocean. And it is, obviously, an amazing place. Filled with life of all kinds, unseen mountains, unfathomable sights. Nature’s bounty and glory on display. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a dangerous place, especially for man. Humanity has no real place far below the waves, save for that afforded to us by our technology – and when that fails disaster isn’t war away.

One such disaster happened in August of the year 2000. In the Barents Sea, located off the northern coasts of Norway and Russia, the Russian K-141 Kursk submarine was lost with all hands. What exactly led to this disaster has never quite been explained and the truth is often far more fascinating than any fiction. At least that’s the theory at Jujubee, Polish creators of the videogame KURSK who have just announced a new expansion to the Unity developed title which will see the inclusion of virtual reality (VR) support – although which headsets are to be supported is not currently clear.

“We think that the time has come to tell true stories.” Michał Stępień, CEO at Jujubee, explained. “It’s fascinating how much our industry has evolved over the last dozen or so years. Games are becoming more and more complex, they offer an incredible audiovisual experience and let us immerse ourselves in virtual reality, but we should expect something more from them. As developers, we realize how much time users spend with our products, but we often fail to remember the responsibility connected to it. We can make games something more than just exciting entertainment. Games can become a tool not unlike books or films. They can help us develop, educate us, broaden our horizons, and provoke discussions that go far beyond the world of video games. We believe that KURSK will be precisely that kind of creation. It’s a game that brings the Russian submarine crew’s tragic story to the fore while maintaining all the advantages of sandbox gameplay. We’d like players not only to feel an integral part of the world we’re creating, but also to be inspired by the facts of this fascinating, if not dramatic story.”

First revealed in 2015, the title will be receiving two specific DLC updates the second of which will be introducing into what is already a first-person experience.  New screenshots were also revealed and you can find these below. When more information is available we will, of course, bring it to you here on VRFocus.