Inferno: Deathfield Heading to Steam Early Access

Steam Early Access is often a place developers push an in-progress title to in order to gather community feedback and grind off the rough edges on a videogame that they consider promising. Publisher YJM Games has announced that those with a HTC Vive will soon be seeing dark fantasy wave shooter Inferno: Deathfield on Steam Early Access.

Drawing on a dark, medieval aesthetic, Inferno: Deathfield has the soft of foreboding atmosphere that will be familiar to players of the Elder Scrolls series, or Diablo III fans. Featuring gloomy gothic architecture and dark corridors inhabited with nightmarish creatures, lit by sickly demonic green or hellfire orange.

Players will be able to explore the environment in Story Mode, or test their skills in Infinity Mode. Players will be tasked with fighting off waves of demons using a variety of weapons such as a sword, crossbow or shield. To aid in this endeavour, two skills are available, Time Slow and Dodge Slow. Time Slow does as the name suggests, and slows down time around the player, slowing enemy movement, while Dodge Slow combines Time Slow with a rapid dash movement in order to offer new strategic possibilities.

The developers hope to encourage players to explore the world, finding new routes through the maze-like castle, and in doing so locate various items that can help players progress further. In an effort to further enhance the player experience, the development team have used Unreal Engine 4 in order to provide a smooth, high-quality VR graphical experience.

A precise date for the title’s release into Early Access has not yet been confirmed, but it is expected to be in the early part of Q1, 2018. The developers are expecting roughly 4-6 months of Early Access time in order to gather feedback and further polish the title before the full release.

A trailer video for Inferno: Deathfield can be viewed below. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

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