Humaneyes Technologies Reveals The Vuze+ VR Camera At CES 2018

As well as a new service, the Humaneyes Zone.

When it comes to immersive technologies on display and being announced at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it isn’t all wireless virtual reality (VR) solutions, new VR head mounted displays (HMDs), augmented reality embedding and integration and various haptic controllers and tools. Although you’d be forgiven for thinking so. The humble 360 degree camera is also getting an announcement or two, and even an upgrade. 

Today in Las Vegas Humaneyes Technologies developers of the Vuze series of cameras, which VRFocus has featured on numerous occasions, have announced the launch of their next product. A next-generation version of the Vuze, the Vuze+ VR Camera.

“The VR camera market has steadily grown, but only few camera options allow users to shoot in true VR with 3D video.” Said Humaneyes Technologies’ CEO, Shahar Bin-Nun. “Additionally, once a video is shot and produced, many users don’t have a way to easily share their VR stories, which has been the key missing component in helping drive VR adoption. “The Vuze+ VR Camera addresses this issue and expands the VR ecosystem from true VR capture to production to consumption, allowing anyone to create and share truly immersive VR experiences.”

Humaneyes say that the Vuze+, which is being targeted to professional consumers at a price point of $1,999 (USD)
will be “the first camera to give VR content creators, filmmakers, and video and production industry pros the full suite of tools needed for capturing, producing and sharing VR content, all within one eco-system.”

Whilst the Vuze+ VR will come with the Vuze VR Studio editing software, Humaneyes also revealed a new platform for users to put their virtual content, be it just for hosting or for sharing and streaming. It’s called Humaneyes Zone, a VR platform enabling users to host, stream and share VR content with anyone via a simple hyperlink. Humaneyes are selling branded websites for virtual content, more information about which can be found at

“The site enables anyone, without a need for a technical or programming knowledge, to quickly and easily create a VR website to showcase their VR content.”  Explains the firm, “On the webpage, users can incorporate images, videos and text, plus additional pages and interlink them, just like a regular website, allowing anyone to tell a story in VR, whether it’s a tour of an apartment, a training session, a wedding or just showcasing a vacation. With a simple hyperlink, users can easily share a VR website with anyone. The viewer can simply click a link and view the content in any browser, and for the best viewing experience, can use a VR headset with their phone.”

The Vuze+ VR Camera features:

  • Live broadcasting, allowing anyone to live preview a scene while they are shooting video, as well as broadcast live 3D 360 4K video to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and any RTMP platform. Live broadcasting capabilities can also be added to the original Vuze VR Camera for $199. Available now on PC, with Mac availability coming later this year.
  • Enhanced capture features, including enhanced optics with custom lenses and improved audio with spatial audio output.
  • IP65 capabilities, with higher water and dust protection, enabling users to shoot in heavier rain or while they’re participating in watersports.
  • A sturdier body and enhanced user interface.

New software features available for both the Vuze+ and original Vuze VR Camera are:

  • The Vuze Camera App, which now enables full manual control and live preview, additional capture mode with 60 fps for 2D 360 videos, time lapse capabilities, new exposure settings, photo stitching from within the app and the ability to share a VR photo from the app directly to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Now available on Android, with iOS availability coming soon.
  • Production features, including the Vuze VR Studio software, touting horizon stabilization, enhanced editing capabilities and more output formats. Five licenses are included with each camera.
  • Sharing features, including the new Humaneyes Zone, an industry-first VR publishing and sharing platform based on VR website technology.


VRFocus will be bringing you more information from CES 2018 very soon.

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