HTC Vive’s J.B. McRee On New Hardware Dates & The Changes With Viveport At CES 2018

No one ever said that the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) didn’t always start the year with a bang. There’s been a staggering amount – record breaking, according to one source – of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects on display at this year’s convention. With everything from haptic suits to a new boxing and fitness tie-up. While outside the walls of the halls in Las Vegas there’s been plenty of other announcements as well.

When all is said and done we will likely all need to take stock of the road ahead that is 2018 after this week, because we’ve been shown a very big chunk of the map. With one of the biggest, if not the biggest product reveals coming from HTC Vive – the HTC Vive Pro. The previously teased Pro, along with developments for Viveport and an official wireless solution for HTC Vive in the form of the Vive Wireless Adapter are big hitters. The latter particularly in a year where standalone VR is set to be perhaps the talking point with the coming of the Oculus Go, Vive’s own standalone headset the Vive Focus and the Google’s standalone Daydream project with Lenovo, the Mirage Solo.

Earlier this week we brought you our interview with HTC Vive’s General Manager for The Americas, Daniel O’Brien, who discussed the announcements that had been made during the company’s CES 2018 press event and talked about how the company had listened to both VR customers and VR developers when putting together the Vive Pro.

VRFocus was also able to catch up with another member of the HTC Vive staff at CES, Senior Manager of Product Marketing J.B. McRee, a name long time readers might well recall – especially from news stories in Vive’s early days of 2015. McRee took time out to talk to the site’s Nina Salomons about all that’s going on in particular both the new hardware and new software – in particular how the new version of Viveport is going to change things.

Vive Wireless Adaptor“We’ve obviously been looking to do wireless for quite some time, we hear a lot from customers that were looking into that.” Explains McRee on what led to the Vive Wireless Adapter. “We had a great partnership with Intel, we announced that last year at CES and we’ve been working really hard on trying to provide a very high performing and low latency solution and we’ve done that now.”

Find out McRee’s thoughts on everything CES in the interview below. We will have lots more videos from all over CES in the coming days and weeks ahead here on VRFocus, be sure to follow us on the likes of Twitter, YouTube and now LinkedIn as well so you do not miss out.