HTC Vive Emulator VRidge Gets Upgraded

Back in 2016 a company called RiftCat released software that would allow people with an inexpensive mobile virtual reality (VR) device such as a Google Cardboard to get a taste of the high-end VR experience. That software, VRidge, is now getting a 2.0 update.

VRidge is a subscription-based service that allows people with a smartphone-based VR device such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR to purchase videogames through the RiftCat library of high-end VR titles, then stream them to smartphone VR so they can be enjoyed without needing an expensive PC rig or a HTC Vive headset.

And upgraded version of the software is now on its way. The developers say the code base is being entirely re-written, and several new features are being added. New features include a re-designed user interface, support for dynamic quality adjustment during streaming to account for network speed and other factors that could affect quality.

Multi-language support is being added as is support for additional integrations of third-party solutions, and overall stability has been improved. Users with an Nvidia card can also now take advantage of Nvidia’s Moonlight streaming option instead of the in-built VRidge streaming. A host of bug fixes are also being applied.

The new code base will be used as a foundation to add more features, such as additional hand controllers, streaming performance optimisation and more tracking options. The development team stress that the software is still in Beta phase, and are encouraging the community to contact the RiftCat team with regards to any problems they encounter. As the developers point out on their blog, there are over 10,000 different Android devices, so trying to find a compatible solution for all of them is bound to be a challenge.

Beta access to the 2.0 upgrade of VRidge will be available from 30th January, 2018. Further details can be found on the RiftCat website.

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