HoloLens Aids Visualisation of Fire Safety

Fire safety is of critical importance to many industries, including construction, oil and gas, and any areas that uses flammable substances. A UK firm is utilising mixed reality and advanced 3D mapping to enhance fire safety in all these areas.

3D technology specialists Luminous have noticed that current methods of mapping critical fire-safety information, such as emergency evacuation points, or escape routes had a high tendency towards error. To combat this, the company has launched its RIVO software, which integrates mixed reality (MR) and 3D mapping to improve asset mapping in areas such as oil and gas and facilities management.

RIVO uses the Inside Out tracking of the Microsoft HoloLens headset combined with Luminous 3D mapping systems to draw up accurate information in real time, by tagging 3D objects into real-world locations. By using an app, these objects can be accessed and important information can be added, which forms part of a database of fire safety features and information, which can be seen overlaid on the real world to give an accurate view.

The RIVO has benefits with regards to fire safety training, risk management, facilities management and safety inspections allowing inspectors to match the data from the plans to the images shown through the HoloLens. The information could also be made available to emergency services such as firefighters, allowing them better access in an emergency situation.

Ben Bennett, Managing Director of Luminous Group and a specialist in 3D laser scanning, modelling and visualisation, says: “After the smartphone, mixed reality and holographic computing is the next major technological disruption. At Luminous, we’re excited about the next generation of spatial apps to capitalize on this and make 3D imaging simple for everyone.”

A short video demonstrating the Luminous RIVO technology is available to view below.

Further information on RIVO and other new and innovative developments in MR will be here on VRFocus.