Holographic Smartphone Red Hydrogen One To Launch in Summer

Red have been somewhat cagey about its upcoming smartphone, the Red Hydrogen One. Only certain people have managed to get their hands on one to test its capabilities, but it has nonetheless attracted attention, partially due to the promise of a high-quality phone camera, but also due to the promise of a type of VR display without a headset. Now new information has emerged proposing a release window of Summer 2018.

Red Studios is best known as a maker of professional-grade cameras, so its announcement that it was producing a smartphone came something of a surprise for many. Though some solid details have emerged from months of swirling rumour, there is much about the device that is still unknown.

As reported by The Verge, Red CEO Jim Jannard has announced on the company’s own forum that the intended release date for the red Hydrogen One is Summer 2018, putting the expected time of release somewhere between June and September. Jannard also confirmed that some mobile carriers have already agreed to support the device in North America, though which carriers were involved was not specified.

Some of the specifications for the device were also confirmed, such as the expected price tag of $1,195 (USD) or £855 (GBP). Though rather expensive for a phone, though matches up with the price range Red uses for its cameras. Indeed, the Red Hydrogen One will be incorporating Red’s camera technology, including mounting points to add specialist lenses.

The device comes equipped with a 2560 x 1440 holographic display that is said to use light field technology to produce a 3D or AR-like effect, something developed through a partnership with Hewlett Packard spin-off company Leia Inc. Though prototypes of the Red Hydrogen One have made their way into the hands of selected reviewers, it is still not widely known how well this holographic display performs.

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