Head into Stonebrick Studios’ Voxel-based World of cyubeVR This Week

Voxel-based videogames have come in all shapes and sizes, yet they took a turning point when Minecraft hit the scene. Since then there have been numerous clones of the title, some of which have even made it to virtual reality (VR). The latest comes from Stonebrick Studios with cyubeVR, putting players in a procedurally generated world that’s been designed specifically for roomscale VR.

cyubeVR_Screenshot (7)

cyubeVR is scheduled to release via Steam Early Access for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on 26th January 2018. In it, players will be able to explore the vast range of landscapes, from lush green forests and massive cave networks, to sky high mountains and floating islands.

Building and crafting are mainstays of this kind of videogame and cyubeVR is no different. As you explore you’ll need to gather resources along the way so you can create all sorts or imaginative buildings, with Stonebrick Studios stating players will: “Experience a building system exclusively optimized for roomscale VR”. Not only that but there’s no UI, menus or buttons for crafting, with the studio aiming for a complete immersive experience, so players use their hands to naturally craft tools and other items directly in the world.

Even though cyubeVR is just coming to Steam Early Access in a few days, the actual project has been in development for almost two years. The initial version will be single-player only with Stonebrick Studios planning on including a multiplayer aspect if the Steam community requests it. Another feature the studio expects to add is a survival element, adding the extra challenge of risk should players want it.

cyubeVR_Screenshot (9)

Initially only Windows 7 and Windows 10 will be supported, but in 2018 Stonebrick Studios plans to add Linux support to the game using the Vulkan API, making it one of the first VR titles to support Linux, and also one of the first VR titles using the new Vulkan API to achieve the best possible performance.

The videogame will be released on Steam Early Access with a price of $19.99 USD and a 35 percent launch discount during the first week. For any further updates on cyubeVR keep reading VRFocus.