Have a Laugh and Watch VRFocus Play Sprint Vector

Beginning last weekend and running through this week until Sunday, LA-based studio Survios is running a closed beta for its next virtual reality (VR) title Sprint Vector. Applications were open to everybody with either an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), with a select few being chosen to test the videogame out – or if you were quick enough VRFocus gave out some closed beta keys. Naturally, VRFocus has been testing out the current build to see how work has progressed and decided to film a couple of races for your enjoyment.

If you’ve been following VRFocus’ coverage of Sprint Vector then you’ll know that the title involves a small amount of fitness to succeed, with Survios employing its Fluid Locomotion System to get players to work up a sweat. Movement is achieved by swinging your arms back and forth to build momentum as players race down an obstacle course filled with jumps, ramps, gaps, boxes, walls and other objects to navigate.

As you’ll hear from the video VRFocus’ Peter is in fighting fit form, trying to catch his breath whilst frantically racing against a bunch of AI players in the single-player portion of Sprint Vector, testing out some of the tracks and challenges Survios has unlocked for the beta run.

Don’t forget to check out the most recent preview of Sprint Vector which goes into more detail about the build and what it’s like to play. Additionally, VRFocus will also bring you an update on the multiplayer side of things, as the studio has allotted specific times over the weekend for players to get together and fight it out online.

Survios hasn’t yet confirmed when Sprint Vector is likely to launch, simply giving a window of Q1 2018. When it does VRFocus will bring you all the latest details as they’re announced.