Get Beautiful in Augmented Reality with Virtual Brow Try-On Experience

I’m sure we all are fully aware of the benefits of make up. A well applied touch up to our faces can hide a rough night out, some bags under our eyes, or even just make us look a little bit prettier than usual. Benefit Cosmetics, as their name implies, know the benefits of a few cosmetic products in the morning, and they’re taking their signature brow services to a brand new place; augmented reality (AR).

Benefit Cosmetics, the San Francisco brand, have teamed with Modiface to create Benefit’s Brow Try-On Experience. The experience guides customers through 15 iterations of popular brow styles with customisable shapes and shades. The nicest part of it of course, is being able to find the look that’s right for you, before taking yourself off to a specialist to get those brows shaped.


We previously saw Modiface at VRTO, Canada’s virtual reality (VR) and AR convention.

“To date, eyebrow hair has been one of the toughest facial components to render in AR,” explains ModiFace CEO Parham Aarabi. “Benefit’s Brow Try-On Experience uses Next Generation Brow Transformation Technology to actually detect and replicate each user’s unique hair.”

Benefit Cosmetics aren’t the first to use augmented reality in their beauty apps. The Chinese brand Meitu and their MakeupPlus app allows users to try on different kinds of make up, and even order and purchase the make up through the app. It’s clear that Meitu’s popularity is awakening brands further afield to the potential of AR through mobile phone apps.

Cosmetic companies are certainly adapting to the new technology at a steady rate, it doesn’t feel like that long ago when we were talking about Smashbox Cosmetics and their 360 degree video tours.

Benefit Cosmetics’ new app is the latest innovation in Benefit Cosmetic’s 40+ year histo

Benefit Cosmetics

ry of doing business. Benefit Cosmetics is a well known name in their home of San Francisco, and they hope the new app will spread awareness of the brand around the world.

Everyone likes to look pretty, and with Benefit Cosmetics’ app, I might be able to find the perfect brows for me. The app launched on January 15th, so you can download now if you want your brows to be on fleek. For everything else in the AR and VR world, stay on VRFocus.