Fully Spherical 360 Video at 10K Resolution Coming from Insta360

Anyone that’s tried recording virtual reality (VR) video on a budget will already know some of the struggles. DIY GoPro solutions work, but still introduce a host of problems of their own. Getting high-resolution, fully spherical 360 video is a daunting task for content creators, but if you have the money to splash for a high-end VR camera solution, then Insta360’s latest cameras will be music to your ears.

At CES 2018, Las Vegas, Insta360 revealed two new cameras designed for VR video that’ll make the task of VR content creation easier than ever for high end creators with demanding workloads. The first camera is a eight-lens VR camera and has a host of features that are sure to impress.

The camera shoots fully spherical 3D and 360 video at up to 10K resolution. Not shabby at all. The camera boasts noise free images and video even in low light environments. While specific specifications and a release date aren’t available right now, the camera is expected to retail at around $12,000 USD – though even this number isn’t concrete.

The other new camera is a prototype for a light field camera, which can create 180 degree videos with “6 degrees of freedom.” Essentially, this means viewers actually have six separate points from which they can view the scene, giving them a slightly different perspective with each. The prototype currently allows for 1.5 feet of movement in all six directions, giving a fair amount of flexibility.

The effect is achieved thanks to a 128 camera array which captures both the intensity and direction of light at every point within a scene. While it currently only records 180 degree video, Insta360 say the technology can be applied to 360 videos too.

It’s all very fascinating. The new 10K 360 camera is sure to make high-end VR video clearer and crisper than ever, while the Six Degrees of Freedom camera array is promising technology that can make future videos much more immersive than is currently possible.

Info on specific products incorporating Insta360’s light field technology will be shared at a later date.

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