Former Crunchyroll COO Colin Decker Joins WITHIN

WITHIN are working hard to build themselves as the best place to go in virtual reality (VR) for story-based VR content. With a variety of experiences and VR programming, they’ve already shown their dedication to the medium, and now, they’re making even further new hires to bolster their team, with the former Crunchyroll COO Colin Decker joining the team.

colin decker

Colin Decker will acts as WITHIN’s new Chief Operating Officer, Medium reports, and will work towards expanding the WITHIN brand and help grow their audience, thanks to his experience in technology driven media.

We recently saw WITHIN partner with Universal Music Group on future VR and augmented reality (AR) music experiences.

Crunchyroll’s rise to prominence in the anime community is an excellent example of how WITHIN hopes to grow their brand and audience with the VR space. Crunchyroll is currently the global leader in anime streaming, and a top 10 streamed video on demand service – it’s easy to understand why WITHIN would want to replicate that success.

Chris Milk is the WITHIN CEO, and has high hopes for the future of the company with Colin on board; “Colin is perfect for the role because he has a history of successfully leading growth-sector businesses. His track record at identifying audience and commercial opportunities to drive revenue growth speaks for itself, as he’s done this for a long list of community and mission-driven businesses. We are honored to have him join our team to help shape the next phase of our growth.”

Decker holds a bachelor’s degree in Art from Bowdin College and an MGA in Film from Boston University. In addition to Crunchyroll, Decker has also acted as GM of Discovery Digital Networks and been an advisor to Richard Branson’s Virgin Investments Media & Telecom.

Decker is happy with his new role, saying; “The future of interactive immersive experience will bring significant change to people’s lives. I am so proud to be able to join this mission-driven business to shape the future in a way that brings people together through joy, awe and wonder.”

WITHIN already offer a wide range of VR videos and experiences, and with this new hire we hope to see more content from the company in the future. For everything WITHIN does next, keep reading VRFocus.