Flying FPS BattleSky VR Hits Steam Early Access This Month

We’ve seen a few different concepts for virtual reality (VR) shooters. Some attempt to stay still while you take on enemy hoards, others like DOOM VFR make new methods of movement to please a variety of players, and now BattleSky VR wants you to literally fly through the air while spraying bullets as you please.

Players will be able to pick heroes with different sizes, powers and gameplay styles in order to engage in aerial battles against other players. Currently there are two heroes that will be available, Jet-9 and Dragon, but more heroes are in development.

There will be several gameplay modes, including Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Big Race, Escort and other team modes that can include up to four players.

Of course the hook of BattleSky VR is the unique way to fly around the open world. Physics simulation helps players alleviate any nausea associated with floating around a VR space, with Jet-9 blasting around with thrust propulsion, and Dragon flying with hand-flapping movements. It might get tiring on your arms, but it’s a fascinating way to play.

Over 500 testers have already played the game and have reported it’s a comfortable gaming experience, even at a simulated 250 km/h. The developers indicate that one hero seems to be more comfortable than another, though didn’t specify which it was.

There’s a mission mode to go with the multiplayer too, which will last about 30 minutes with each hero character.

The game will launch on January 19th for Steam Early Access, and will support both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs).

The developers plan at least four heroes, four missions, 6 maps for multiplayer up to eight players, and a team-based multiplayer that they hope will foster a community.

Developer by just two brothers in Taipei, it certainly looks interesting, as you’ll be able to see from the trailer on the videogame’s Steam page.

It won’t be long until we’re able to try BattleSky VR for ourselves, and it’s an exciting thing to get our hands on, as flying around in VR is always a wonderful experience. For all of the latest on VR gaming and more, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.