FCC Listing For Oculus Go Suggests 32GB and 64GB Models

The race is on to capture the market for standalone virtual reality (VR) headsets. HTC Vive are planning to begin shipping its HTC Vive Focus standalone headset at the end of January, and while Oculus have promised an early 2018 release for the Oculus Go, no details on its launch have yet emerged. Yet, the FCC listing for the device does offer some information.

German site Mobielkopen originally spied the listing, which lists two models of Oculus Go. The technical specifications for the two appear to be identical, but with one key difference in Memory capacity. The MH-A32 models sports 32GB of memory, while the other, the MH-A64, offers an expanded capacity of 64GB.

In essence, this means that owners of the MH-A64 model will be able to store more apps and videogames on the device before having to dig through to delete unneeded apps. With the Oculus Go being a self-contained standalone unit, it might not be possible to just pop in a bigger SD card as is the case with a smartphone, so storage capacity is something that consumers must consider carefully, considering there has been no official word on if the Oculus Go will have an option for expandible memory.

The FCC listing does confirm that the Oculus Go has been approved for sale in the USA. Experts are anticipating that the 32GB version will be set at the $199 (USD) price point announced at the Oculus Connect event last year, with the 64GB version having a slightly higher price point.

The Oculus Go is aimed at bridging the gap between high-end PC-VR like the Oculus Rift and mobile VR such as the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR. At Oculus Connect, it was said that the best and most popular titles on the Gear VR would be available on Oculus Go, with some new experiences yet to come.

Further news on the Oculus Go and other upcoming new devices will be here on VRFocus.