DoublX Launches VR-Enabled Website Creation Platform

Double XVR Ltd. has today launched a beta programme offering users the opportunity to access a suite of tools designed for embedding virtual reality (VR) content on websites without requiring any knowledge of coding. Users can upload 360 degree images and videos using only drag-and-drop.

DoublX art

The DoublX Beta, live now, proposes a powerful online platform that allows users to create VR websites without a single line of code. Creators, designers and VR camera owners can take advantage of a drag-and-drop editor environment that features an array of advanced functions to create custom VR websites. The product is based on unique RENDERER (DoublX intellectual proprietary) that operates on a regular web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Gal Rotem, CEO: “We have developed a new type of technology for creating VR websites, so for the first time anyone can create such sites”.

For web designers, DoublX opens a new category, which enables easy VR web creation. DoublX provides the ability to use its databases to manage content and clients. This reduces the need for a high-skilled developer that costs several thousands of dollars. DoublX also provides a white-label solution for companies and brands that use the platform with a custom skin.

With Doublx, Michal Hubscmann, CEO vdroom, built several VR Webs for hotels: “I have been in the business of the hotel websites since late 1998. I have been through some major changes along the way, but I have never seen anything like DoublX. It is the best online VR Platform I’ve experienced. By using DoublX we will save a lot of our time and money.”

Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO HumanEyes Technologies Ltd., chose the DoublX Solution as the white label Platform for the company’s online VR website creation – Zone: “The DoublX system is the complementary product to our company as an innovative and advanced company. It is important to note that the integration with their product was easy. And they are open minded to our needs at any given moment.”

DoublX artThe DoublX beta operates directly in a browser with no installation or app download requirements. You can visit the official website, DoublX.com, for more information and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest developments in web-based VR.