Dominate the Open Oceans in Multiplayer Title Ship Ahoy

Even if you’re not too well acquainted with the water, instantly feeling nauseous when stepping onto a boat, there’s no denying that the open oceans hold a mysterious lure for many looking to set out on an adventure. If that seems like too much hard work – or you’ve not got enough time for a real nautical escape – then there’s always virtual reality (VR), with the latest pirate experience Ship Ahoy due to launch soon for HTC Vive.

Ship Ahoy

Developed by Argentinian team OKAM Studio, Ship Ahoy is their first multiplayer VR title, pitting would be sailors against one another in a battle for ocean supremacy. With a colourful, cartoon design the videogame has one main deathmatch mode where friends and strangers can fight it out using their on board cannons.

Aside from multiplayer PvP OKAM Studio has included several other gameplay options to break things up. So there are going to be three mini-games for you to test your skills, Batten down the Towers, Find the Targets and Plunder, so you’ll be taking on land-based fortifications, perfecting your target accuracy and looking for the odd bit of treasure or two. Additionally, there’s also a never ending Survival mode should the mood arise to spend countless hours being a pirate.

Ship Ahoy

Currently, Ship Ahoy is scheduled for launch on HTC Vive via Steam on 10th January 2018. While the listing does note that: “Muppet like animals disguised as other animals shooting animals with their animal cannons tailored for HTC VIVE controllers,” OKAM Studio is working on a PlayStation VR version as well. There’s been no mention of an Oculus Rift version or possible cross-platform support when Ship Ahoy does eventually arrive for PlayStation VR.

As OKAM Studio release further details about support expansion for Ship Ahoy, VRFocus will keep you updated.