DisplayLink Show Off Multiplayer Wireless At CES 2018

It seems you just cannot escape wireless virtual reality (VR) at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  The 2018 show held in Las Vegas has been throwing up all kinds of news updates in relation to cutting the cords for VR and enabling users to go untethered.  In fact, we’re practically falling over stories about it.

DisplayLink XR - Logo

The biggest is, naturally enough, the reveal by HTC during their press conference of their offcial solution to the problem of freeing the HTC Vive head mounted display (HMD) from the terror of the cord.  There’s also been two new standalone headsets announced, Xiaomi’s Mi VR Standalone which will be the dedicated Chinese market equivalent of the Oculus Go and feature power by the Qualcomm Snapdragon. This was then followed by another reveal as QIYI unveiled their own take on the technology, the QIYU-II. There has also been a trio of announcements from TPCAST and also one from DisplayLink.

But it’s DisplayLink we’re back with now because they’ve also been showcasing at CES 2018 just how wireless can be enjoyed in a multiplayer setting. In a demo area at CES users can try out a game of Racket:Nx, a virtual racket ball videogame, and see the difference that it makes. People around the area can also see the virtual arena the players are in thanks to mixed reality which uses the latest DisplayLink XR codec and reference designs.

Racket Nx screenshot

“VR opens so many new opportunities for business, enterprise and gaming. We cut the cord last year and now we’re showcasing VR in an untethered, multi-player virtual arena. DisplayLink continues to push the boundaries for immersive solutions and this demonstration highlights the considerable benefits for collaborative work, whether it’s designing a new workspace, engaging clients on a product vision, or exploring virtual worlds with a friend. Multi-user VR (MUVR) using DisplayLink’s XR codec combined with 60GHz wireless connectivity provides the very best immersive VR experience.” said John Cummins, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing. “

“We’re very excited about DisplayLink’s wireless solution, not just for Racket: Nx but for VR in general. The freedom to move, spin and act without any concern for cables is physically and psychologically liberating – Racket: Nx has been waiting for this technology for a long time! VR is about to get that much more immersive, uninhibited, and accident free.”

VRFocus will have more news from CES very soon.