Decorate Your House With Augmented Reality Now With The Houzz App

Anyone that’s ever tried to decorate a room in their house or apartment will know that it’s a tough choice. You can walking around Ikea for hours wondering what will go right, looking at pictures online and staring at a bare corner of your room, only to find the end table you bought is a little smaller than you imagined it would be. An absolutely devastating experience, one that can be completely avoided through the magic of augmented reality (AR).


Now, you can decorate the walls of your house with the new Houzz app. Apple’s latest ARKit allows for wall detection software, but while that won’t be available to users for a little while yet, you can get AR in your home with the Houzz app right now. You can hang to-scale objects on the walls of your house, testing designs, sizes and styles far before you get buyer’s remorse.

Place table lamps on tables, wall pendants on walls and much more, to accurately under the size and scope of your room. Never worry about the room feeling cluttered with the foresight you gain using the AR features of the app.

Alon Cohen is the Houzz president and co-founder, and he wants to deliver a quality customer experience; “We’re making AR-enabled shopping even more immersive and useful on Houzz so that people can discover, select and buy the best products for their homes instantly within the Houzz app.”

Of course users can purchase the products they look at using the app too, with all the items you view in AR added to a shopping list that you can browse and purchase from, making the hassle of shopping easier than ever, too.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen shoppers being able to use AR to browse and shop. ApolloBox uses ARKit for the shopping experience, too.

More and more retailers are looking to mobile apps to sell their products, and by extension it seems like integrating AR technology so users can better understand the products is the next logical step. Whenever companies move into AR technology, you know you’ll read about it on VRFocus.

Update: This article originally indicated that Alon Cohen was the Houzz vice-president, when his correct title is president and co-founder. This has been corrected. VRFocus apologise for the error.