Customise Your 360 Videos with VeeR Editing Suite

The rise is user-generated content over the past few years has seen a boom in independent videogame studios, and a lot of the one-or-two person teams have invested early in virtual reality (VR) development. However, there’s still a knowledge barrier for coding, and so the next frontier will be 360 degree videos. A new mobile app, VeeR Editor, aims to make the editing process simple and efficient without any required knowledge of best practices.

VeeR Editor screenshot

There’s already a wide selection of consumer-grade 360 degree cameras available, and Samsung in particular has undergone great effort to encourage users to share their content widely. However, there’s been little in the way of personalisation; a recorded video can easily be uploaded and shared via social media, but without that personal touch. That’s exactly what VeeR intend to change.

The VeeR Editor is in essence a straight-forward 360 degree video editor for smartphones. Available now for both iOS and Android devices, users can edit captured video directly on their handheld devices. Furthermore however, the users can also punctuate the footage with features such as adding stickers, texts, Instagram-like filters and hundreds of free soundtrack from VeeR’s music database.

A number of advanced features are also included, such as multi-clip editing, timeline re-ordering and transitions. Users can edit their captured video – or videos – directly on their smartphone and then export as a single piece of content.

In addition to videos, the VeeR Editor was recently updated to allow for the editing of 360 photos also. Users can add music, apply stickers, create slideshows, and filters to any 360 photo in the same manner as video content.

VeeR Editor screenshot

Already benefiting from over 10 million users, 5000+ creators and 20,000+ videos, the VeeR Editor content is compatible with Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive natively. Of course, the application also allows for sharing to social media with a one-click process, including platforms like VeeR VR, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo.

The VeeR Editor is available to download for iOS and Android devices now and is free of charge. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the VeeR Editor and other VR projects from VeeR.