Creating 3D App Launchers is Easy in Windows Mixed Reality

How long have we had 2D icons for shortcuts on our home desktops? Centuries. Eons. It’s about time we upgraded, frankly, and thankfully Windows Mixed Reality understands the urge for modernisation. In mixed reality (MR) we no longer have to worry about rubbish 2D icons for our programs and applications, as it is simple as pie to make your own 3D app launcher within Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality HeadsetsIn the Windows Mixed Reality home you can place 3D models in the environment that act as shortcuts to apps and programs, and Microsoft have made it simple for developers to make fancy 3D models and import them as launchers in the home.

As long as you have basic development tools and a 3D model of 10,000 triangles or less, it’s fairly simple to import 3D app launchers into Windows Mixed Reality, as explained in the video below.

There’s hundreds of apps, videogames and programs already available for Windows Mixed Reality, with more coming in every day. With video tutorials like these aimed at developers, Microsoft are trying to make it as easy as possible for a wide range of independent developers and studios adapt their software specifically for Windows Mixed Reality. More videogames are added all the time, thanks to recent integration with Steam VR, which already saw Windows Mixed Reality take 4% of Steam’s virtual reality (VR) and MR market share.

Once the 3D app launcher is in a user’s Windows Mixed Reality home they can place it anywhere they want, and even shrink and expand it in size, allowing them to seamlessly fit it into their current virtual lifestyle or sense of style.

But even if you’re not a developer, this allows you to customise your own space in MR, giving power to the users and consumers over what their own digital space should look like.

For the full details on how to customise your own 3D app launchers, make sure to watch the video below. The video description here will have all the links you need to toolkits which will help you make 3D app launchers of your own, though we wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing. For all of the latest news on Windows Mixed Reality content, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.