Cortopia Raises Over $2m In Funding

Virtual reality (VR) developers Cortopia launched its first title in August 2016. Titled Wands, it aimed to provide PC-level quality on mobile VR platforms, and even won awards for its efforts. The company has now succeeded in raising investment to continue its work in VR development.

Cortopia is hoping that the $2.4 million (USD) of investment will help with recruiting talented individuals and continue the development of Wands and other VR titles. The company is hoping to further drive innovation in the VR sector, and as part of this, is aiming to develop Wands into a competitive VR esports title.

Wands - image 1

Wands has been one of the best-selling titles on the Samsung Gear VR, frequently topping the top selling videogames list for that platform, and was the recipient of the Best VR Game awards from the International Mobile Gaming Awards at GDC in 2017. Cortopia has worked closely with Samsung, as well as other VR hardware companies such as Oculus, Google and Pico.

“It has been a strategic and very intentional effort on our part to build great relationships with our platform partners. In addition to making great games, we want to make sure that we are a partner who sticks to the deadlines and makes use of the new VR technologies offered by the different platforms”, says Cortopia’s new CEO Andreas Skoglund, who came to the company is 2017, bringing with him his experience in working for DICE and Electronic Arts.

Cortopia is also working on developing new IPs and experiences for VR, and there are also indications that the company is looking into augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) for future projects.

Wands Oculus Rift screenshot 3

“I am very excited about what AR will do, both in terms of how we consume entertainment and how we live our lives” he says and continues: “This new technology will introduce a whole new way of how we behave in everyday interactions and one of the major milestones we need to hit is understanding how games will look and work in this media 5 and 10 years from now.”

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