Check Out Blade Runner: Revelations in These New Screenshots

Fans of cyberpunk dystopian fiction and virtual reality (VR) are about to get a lot happier thanks to the upcoming Blade Runner: Revelations. We’ve got a bunch of crisp new screenshots for the anticipated VR videogame just below, so read on for more…

Blade Runner: Revelations screenshot

The videogame is being developed exclusively for the Google Daydream by Seismic Games in a partnership between Seismic Games, Alcon Media Group, Google and Lenovo. They broke the news on Blade Runner: Revelations at CES 2018, Las Vegas.

In the videogame you take on the role of Harper, a blade runner, who the players will have unravel a replicant plot that threatens the Los Angeles of the distant year 2023. Luckily Harper has a variety of tools at his disposal, such as a flying spinner, blast weapons and esper image reconstruction to help solve mysteries in VR.

This will be the third Blade Runner experience in VR, following Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab and Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit. Lenovo’s own head-mounted display (HMD), the Lenovo Mirage Solo, will also see a release of Blade Runner: Revelations.

The teaser trailer for Blade Runner: Revelations is also fascinating, which you can see here. It offers some impressive views of the VR cityscape, giving players a good idea of what they have in store from the Google Daydream experience.

Greg Borrud, CEO of Seismic Games commented; “Seismic Games continues to invest and focus on creating high production game titles that authentically engage and transform major IPs into compelling and expansive interactive experiences for the fans. Collaborating with Alcon Media Group, Google and Lenovo for Blade Runner: Revelations has been an absolute honor, and we can’t wait to hear what the fans and general VR users think as they explore the game.”

The new screenshots below will give you even more of an idea of what you can expect from Blade Runner: Revelations, so make sure to take a look at our gallery, where we have interesting shots of buildings, offices, interrogations and more of the gritty world of Blade Runner.

We’ll have more news and impressions on Blade Runner: Revelations as soon as we can, but for everything else in the world of VR, stay on VRFocus.