Bust an Oculus Touch? Now you can Replace one for £69

It’s easy to do, you get engrossed in a virtual reality (VR) experience so much that you ignore (or just not notice) the chaperone system leading to you smacking either yourself or more likely a controller into a wall, lamp, table, etc. Motion controllers like Oculus Touch are very well built, able to take a fair amount of punishment but they’re not indestructible. Should enough damage be inflicted that you need a replacement there used to be only one option, buy another pair of controllers. That’s all well and good if you wanted a spare, for those that don’t you can now buy a single Oculus Touch.

Oculus Touch

Oculus has now listed via the accessories section of its website both the left and right-hand controllers for £69 GBP/$69 USD, including one AA battery, should the need arise.

Yet that’s not exactly an amazing deal when you look at the duel Oculus Touch offer. The standard two controller price is £99/$99 which also includes an additional sensor, the Rock Band connector and two AA batteries. You’d be better spending the extra £30/$30 on this deal and selling the bits you don’t need to recover some of the money. It’s worth bearing in mind that an additional sensor retails for £59/$59, so expect some of them to begin appearing on eBay.

Whichever deal you go for both are still better than the prices HTC Vive owners have to deal with. A single controller for the headset is $129.99/$114.99 and there’s no deal for two. The base stations also come in at a sizeable $134.99/£119.99 each, although HTC Vive’s system only needs two for 360 roomscale.

Oculus Touch

Hopefully you won’t need to make use of any of these deals, looking after your precious controllers for hours of entertainment. For any further Oculus updates keep reading VRFocus, or why not check out The Best Oculus Rift Games Coming in 2018.