Bullet Hell Experience Blasters of the Universe Coming to PlayStation VR

Originally released on Steam Early Access back in 2016 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Secret Location’s Blasters of the Universe fully launched for both headsets in the summer of 2017. Today, Secret Location has announced a new partnership with publisher Archiact which will see Blasters of the Universe ported to PlayStation VR next month.


Featuring four campaign missions and a challenge mode, Blasters of the Universe tasks players with defeating Grand Master Alwyn’s legions of digital creations, facing wave after wave bullets in a neon virtual world. Players can unlock hundreds of weapon combinations to suit their particular gameplay style, whether they prefer rapid fire designs, explosive, slow with high damage or anything in between.

The PlayStation VR version of Blasters of the Universe operates the same as the PC version, using the two PlayStation Move controllers, for shield-wielding and for brandishing a weapon. The release will feature an all-new Casual mode that brings down the difficulty of enemies’ attacks. And for those seeking a challenge the Endless mode is tailormade for high score junkies.

“We made Blasters of the Universe with Archiact to inject the pure intensity of classic bullet hell games with modern VR’s innate ability to immerse and impress gamers. This game also really takes advantage of VR’s accessibility, making the infamous bullet hell genre a cinch to pick-upand-play while still honoring its challenging roots,” said Josh Manricks, Technical Director and Project Lead at Secret Location in a statement. “I just have one piece of advice for those new to our game: careful not to eye-roll yourself to death – Grand Master Alwyn is seriously ridiculous!”


For VRFocus’ opinion of Blasters of the Universe check out the PC review which said: “For those that’ve become rightly bored with wave shooters Blasters of the Universe offers that spark of light, reminding us why this genre became popular in the first place. The entire theme, visual aesthetics and gameplay make Blasters of the Universe a joy to play.”

Blasters of the Universe will be available for PlayStation VR on 27th February 2018. For any further updates from Secret Location, keep reading VRFocus.