Bring Doom to the Earth in Day of Destruction

Embrace your inner alien and rise as the destroyer of cities; conqueror of galaxies. Empower yourself with alien technology as you can on the feeble powers of the human race and bring destruction to the Earth, plus many other planets in Day of Destruction, now available for HTC Vive.

Day of Destruction header

The planet’s communication systems have received atmospheric interference from a number of enormous objects heading towards their solar system. The inhabitants are aware something is happening, and are waiting for your arrival. You however, do not have good intentions.

Day of Destruction is a chaotic destroy-a-thon in which the player must bring ruin to many cities across six different planets. As you progress, you’ll unlock new alien weapons and UFOs to rein chaos in unique ways; all in VR. Day of Destruction features Steam Achievements and Leaderboards to allow for you to demonstrate your competitive edge.

Day of Destruction is not only SynaptixGames’ first virtual reality (VR) videogame, but in fact the first title the studio has published on Steam. SynaptixGames is a contract software development firm founded in Colorado in 2010, with experience developing on mobile, desktop, and web platforms, as well as VR projects for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, Google Cardboard and Microsoft HoloLens. The developer is offering the debut of its own original IP in Day of Destruction, and reportedly has plans for projects for the Google DayDream, PlayStation VR, and Microsoft MR head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Originally intended for release late last year, SynaptixGames revealed to VRFocus earlier this month that Day of Destruction would launch in January 2018. Now, that day has come, and Day of Destruction is available to download via Steam for HTC Vive. A launch discount of 20% is available, bringing the price down from £11.39 GBP to £9.11 until 23rd January 2018.

Day of Destruction screenshot 5

An Oculus Rift edition of Day of Destruction was expected to launch alongside the HTC Vive version, though the official Steam store page for the videogame makes no mention of any compatibility. VRFocus has contacted SynaptixGames for clarification on this matter, and will update with any further details.