Amazon Has Plans for an Augmented Reality Dressing Room

You can try on clothes virtually if Amazon's latest patent becomes a real product.

The simplicity of creating an digital avatar is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to picking clothes. Just a few clicks and you have a whole new outfit. Not possible in real life, sadly, as tangible beings with limbs we must go through a complicated trial involving removing our limbs from holes in clothes, only to put those same limbs into holes in other clothes. Truly trying. Luckily, Amazon might be our saving grace, as they just might be introducing an augmented reality (AR) dressing room, of sorts.

More specifically, it’s a mirror which allows you to virtually try on clothes with little effort. Unlike a normal mirror, these clothes aren’t ones you’re actually wearing, but are instead the reflection uses AR to digitally overlay clothes you might be interested in. Just like creating that digital avatar, really!

As a company that already has thousands of items of clothing for sale, it only makes sense. Much like how Alexa allows you to simply learn about and order products with just your voice, the mirror will allow you to “try on” thousands of articles of clothing to find the outfit that suits you, whether it’s a pair of trousers or a nice dress.

The device will use a mix of displays, cameras and projectors to create the illusion of a new set of clothes on your reflection. The mirror is partially reflective, so might not be as clear as the one in your bathroom, but of course that’s the trade off for the futuristic features.

Currently Amazon have only filed patents for the device, but after their Body Labs acquisition last year it seems likely. Brinkwire theorises Body Labs’ previous teases of 3D humans in virtual outfits and AI software has lead to this design, and it’s only natural Amazon would make the most of their latest enterprising team.

Amazon is already one of the biggest clothing retailers in the world, and with products like this it seems certain their strangehold on the digital economy will only become more tight. For all of the latest in AR and MR, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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