Airbus Launches Globe-Trotting ARKit App

If you have ever travelled on a commercial flight, chances are pretty good that you have been on an Airbus aircraft. In order to promote the features and facilities of its most impressive product, the double-decker A380, Airbus have launched a new augmented reality (AR) iOS app called iflyA380.

Utilising the popular ARKit toolset, the app builds on the existing iflyA380.com booking assistant to show passengers what choices and features are available, including a look around the sophisticated high-tech cockpit of the Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world.

Airbus have noted the increasing trend towards customers wanting to design a more personalised, bespoke experience when arranging travel, so designed the app with this idea in mind. The app allows customers to book flights and receive real-time notifications, but also gives access to certain services and features exclusive to the A380, such as the ability to check out potential destinations using information gathered from geolocation and personal preferences.

IflyA380 includes the ability to select a flight on an A380 and be directed to the relevant airline mobile website for purchase. Passengers can also scan their boarding pass into the app, similar to many airline apps.

The app also utilises AR to provide an immersive entertainment option in-flight, taking a walk through the cabin without leaving the seat, or obtain interactive information about altitude, flight-speed and estimated arrival time, or point an iOS device out of the window to receive information on what points of interest the plane is flying past.

“Response to the iflyA380.com website has been fantastic.” says Marc Fontaine, Airbus Digital Transformation Officer. “The iflyA380 app is a new step for Airbus towards offering digital services that directly benefit consumers and allow them to design their own experiences.”

The app is available for free on any iOS device compatible with ARKit from the App app store.

The updated Apple AR toolset has proved to be extremely popular since launch, with an increasing number of companies exploring its features and capabilities. VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on ARKit apps.