Action Puzzler StarDrone VR Coming to European PlayStation VR Owners Next Week

For its first virtual reality (VR) project developer Beatshapers has decided to revitalise one of its older titles StarDrone,  originally a launch title for the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Vita. This week has seen StarDone VR arrive on PlayStation VR for North American customers with a European release now confirmed for next week.

StarDrone VR screenshot 1

StarDrone VR has been designed as a furiously high-kinetic puzzler, which mixes arcade action, pinball, physics, and collect-the-objects. Piloting an always-in-motion spaceship through diverse cosmic environments you need to cause your attackers to crash while collecting gems and power-up enhancements. Explore the levels to find key power-ups and earn more bonus points that will ultimately let you compete against the world on the StarDrone scoreboards.

There are 60 missions to play through. After being fired from a space cannon you need to latch onto nearby gravity beacons to navigate your flight path. Whilst tethered, you can look around and circle the beacon (if possible), timing that perfect release to slingshot yourself further.

On the PlayStation Blog Alexey Menshikov, CEO of Beatshapers commented: “We brought StarDrone to VR because we believe it has a benefit: the head camera control allows players to better see what’s coming on the horizon, meaning fewer mistakes. Plus, it helps the player take aim at the game’s scoreboards as well as perfecting their cool, space-rollercoaster-like flight.”

StarDrone VR screenshot 2

Beatshapers has ensured the videogame supports both the DualShock 4 controller as well as PlayStation Move depending on your preferred input method.

Stardrone VR is released via the EU PlayStation Store on 24th January. On the US PlayStation Store StarDrone VR can be picked up for $7.99 USD. Menshikov also teased: “We have a number of PS VR games coming this year…” So as and when those announcements from Beatshapers do happen, keep reading VRFocus to find out more.