A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Accessories

Want to tweak your gameplay experience further? You can always accessorise.

VRFocus has covered all the main points when it comes to diving into the world of virtual reality (VR) on PlayStation VR – also important is maintenance/cleaning – yet why stop there. You’ve got a decent VR setup with which to enjoy hours of immersive gaming so why not make sure it’s suitably looked after, the last thing you want is the head-mounted display (HMD) getting scratched or knocked.

Numskull - PlayStation VR Headset_1

First off, keeping the PlayStation VR headset safe. Now you’re probably not going to want to keep returning the device back to its original box for safety so thankfully there are plenty of third-party manufacturers out there building stands. VRFocus has previously written about a selection of different PlayStation VR stands made available, and the list is ever growing, Costs vary between Numskull’s officially licensed stand for £29.99 GBP through to the DeltaVR at £44.99. Or then there’s the POWER A Charge & Display Stand for PSVR. Retailing for $49.99 USD it’ll charge one DualShock 4 controller and two PlayStation Moves. So will the PlayStation VR Showcase Rapid AC Charge & Display Stand for $34.99.

Worried about dust as well, or just want to transport your PlayStation VR to a mates safely? Then you might want to look at officially branded RDS PlayStation VR Headset and Accessories Deluxe Carrying Case retailing for $59.99 or the POWER A Storage Case for PlayStation VR for just $39.99. Both of these are hard cases just in case the worst happens and you drop it.

RDS Industries PlayStation VR Case

VR experiences can be energetic at times meaning you’ll be sweating at points all over your lovely new headset. While a towel may do for some, others may want something more hygienic – and less abrasive (you don’t want to scratch those lenses). So there’s always the PlayStation VR Cleaning Kit which includes a cleaning cloth, a bottle of cleaning spray and five antibacterial wipes for £9.99. Or how about VR Covers machine washable PlayStation VR Hygienic Cover Velour for $15.00.

If you want to improve your gameplay experience however then there are a range of hardware accessories that can aid the dedicated gamer. Want better control in the skies, you could always go for the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 Flight Stick, or the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack. For racing fans there’s always the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition or its top-of-the-range Thrustmaster T-GT Competition Wheel for £699.99. For those that want a workout the VirZOOM exercise bike is a controller that requires pedal power for £300.

The T.16000M FCS Flight Pack

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Headset

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Controllers

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