3dRudder’s Christophe Dissaux: ‘We Will Announce 3dRudder For Consoles’

The Executive Vice President acknowledges a 3dRudder announcement is due for PlayStation and Xbox later this year.

One of the wonderful aspects of the PC platform is having an almost limitless number of accessories and configurations at your disposal so you can tailor the virtual reality (VR) experience to your preference perfectly. One of the many PC specific peripherals we’ve seen is the 3dRudder foot powered controller, of which we saw the new Blackhawk model at CES 2018, Las Vegas.

We spoke to Christophe Dissaux, 3dRudder’s Executive Vice President for an interview, and he gave us some enlightening information about future 3dRudder products. Specifically, he mentioned that 3dRudder may not be limited to just PC users for long, as he states that console support will be on the way very soon.

In a video interview with VRFocus Nina Salomons, Dissaux states; “So to date it’s compatible with all PC games, all the games on Steam, they work with a traditional VR headset like HTC or Oculus. For the future, we are working with the console manufacturers, and we will announce later this year 3dRudder for consoles.”

The surprise announcement came as a shock, so Nina asks; “Which consoles will it be coming to?”

Dissaux replies; “PlayStation and Xbox. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it will hopefully be available by Q3.”

Since the 3dRudder technology is adapted and designed for VR videogames it comes as no surprise that PlayStation is one of the platforms, since they already have the successful PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD), but the Xbox mention is a surprise, as we haven’t heard any confirmation for VR HMDs coming to Xbox. It is possible, of course, that this could simply be a version of 3dRudder intended for use in a more traditional gaming scenario, though the rumours we heard about Windows Mixed Reality support last year make us hopeful.

Regardless of speculation, we can take this as confirmation that 3dRudder do intend to support consoles with their foot powered controller technology, though whether or not we’ll ever see a product come to market is still another question entirely. We’ll have all of the latest details right here on VRFocus as we learn more; if you want foot powered PlayStation VR, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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