VR And Movie Watching – Future Or Present Of Home Entertainment?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you are probably well aware of the advancements in Virtual Reality (VR) – especially if you;ve been keeping track of things here on VRFocus. VR has definitely changed the way we view and interact with different technologies. It has now made its way to pretty much revolutionize the way we watch movies. While the technology continues to advance and become more mainstream, VR is definitely the present and the future of home entertainment.

A Replacement for Television?

Who doesn’t dream of having an IMAX theater at home? You know, the massive screen with in-depth clarity and sharpness which gives you the feeling as if the movie was being made in front of you. VR sort of gives you the IMAX experience at home, providing you with a gigantic screen in front of you, without there actually being a screen. When viewing a movie with a VR headset, the image basically takes the space of your complete view. This means you see nothing but the movie, giving you the ultimate viewing experience.

As the technology advances and as more movies are produced for optimal VR experience, we can certainly expect VR to take over home entertainment and possibly replace televisions.

The true “reality” feeling

Home entertainment enthusiasts tend to spend thousands of dollars on television or projection that provide exceptional picture quality. Spending a lot of money, just so they can feel like they are there. VR takes this “feeling of being there” to another level. It allows you to navigate on the screen, looking left, right, up, and down with the screen moving and showcasing exactly what you want to see. This capability will definitely revolutionize the way movies are watched with the element of interaction being added to it. VR based games have already taken advantage of this and while big production movies have not, in the near future we can certainly see them doing it.

Limited to no distractions

We all have been there, being completely engrossed in a movie when, all of a sudden, a notification appears of a message on your phone or a call that takes your attention away.

VR allows you to keep little distractions away. Since you wear a headset, your view to the outside world is completely blocked off and you concentrate on the movie. The headphones also block off any external noise so you won’t be distracted much whether it is your phone ringing or someone walking in front of you. You can sit back and enjoy the movie with no distractions.

Movies on the go

VR also presents a wonderful way for people that are generally on the move to catch up on movies. Since movies, in general, are digital, you can easily access them on your mobile phone by either downloading them or streaming them. There are numerous VR headsets that work well with mobile phones, they may not be the best as far as resolution goes but certainly better quality and viewing experience than just watching a movie on your mobile. VR being portable makes it easy for you to access the content anywhere.

So, where can you get VR content?

While the online libraries for VR content aren’t as extensive as we would have liked, we need to remember that VR is still developing. Both Hulu and Netflix have shows and movies that are compatible with VR so if you have a headset already or are planning to get one for your home, then you should definitely give them a try. On the Netflix VR app alone you can get a variety of TV shows and films to suit all ages and interests. Everything from the action of Black Hawk Down and the suspense of Jaws, to classic comedy films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or family films such as Zootopia (or Zootropolis) and The Jungle Book. In the coming years, the digital library for VR content should continue to grow and match that of DVDs and Blu-ray.

Gift VR this Christmas

All of which just leaves the headset itself. With Christmas approaching, we’re now at the point where VR systems are most definately a wishlist possibility and they make a wonderful gift. If you are considering to get the perfect system then you should certainly give the Oculus Rift a try – and why not, if you’re a home entertainment enthusiast, go the extra mile for the experience as the need to spend excess money on buying different devices for the perfect home entertainment system is no longer required. You don’t need to buy a projector, sound system, a screen and so on to have the ultimate movie experience.  All you will need is a VR headset, a decent pair of headphones, and a comfortable recliner to get the optimal viewing and listening experience when watching your favorite movie at home. With Social VR also developing, you will be able to watch your favorite movies and shows with friends on VR headsets without being in the same room, which will only make the overall VR experience much better.