The Unspoken Acolytes Update Shows That Insomniac Games Are Listening to Their Fans

Magic fiends will surely know Insomniac Games’ The Unspoken, the virtual reality (VR) videogame where players duel one another by casting spells. The PvP has been popular for multiplayer e-sport tournaments that use the Oculus Rift, but back at Oculus Connect 4 this year, Insomniac Games announced that The Unspoken would be receiving a major update that would allow players to play a narrative-driven single-player campaign set in Chicago. The free update to all players who own The Unspoken was released last week, yesterday and with the update comes a lot of new classes, story and world. VRFocus spoke to Chad Dezern, Studio Director at Insomniac Games, about the Acolytes update.

The Unspoken Acolytes image 1

The Unspoken: Acolytes goes into the untold story of Chicago’s secret spell-casting duels. When two of your fellow Acolytes mysteriously disappear you go on a mission to uncover why. The journey leads you into the underworld of Chicago, and takes you to neon alleys to battle demons, jump to vertigo-inducing rooftops to hidden sanctums. Players can choose from five different spell casting classes, each of them drastically changing the way in which the gameplay works and feels. Each class has different spells and players will have to strategically make the most of their environment to defeat demons and large-scale Wraiths.

Dezen explains that Insomniac Games have been wanting to create a magic videogame that was set in the real-world since 2006. When asked why they chose Chicago, Dezen says, “We have a few native Chicagoans on staff and we liked its potential as a Midwestern location that’s got a bit of weird history we can tap into. We were just taken by the idea this occult underworld and of all places, Chicago. Where you might not expect it.”

Insomniac Games know that The Unspoken has a strong PvP community and want to allow players to understand the history of why they’re dueling and what they’re fighting about. At the end up of the update, players will not only have learned new skills and improved their ability to cast spells but will also unlock several items you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. When having played through the campaign, these players will be clearly marked and may have a few items you may not have seen before. There are plenty of videogames on sale and with Oculus’s Winter sale you can now purchase the videogame for £14.99 GBP, rather than £22.99. To find out more, watch the video below.