The Best HTC Vive Games You’ve Never Played

Having covered the creme de la creme for virtual reality (VR) in our ‘Best Oculus Rift Games’, ‘Best HTC Vive Games’ and ‘Best PlayStation VR Games’ articles, VRFocus has now decided to look at those videogames you may have missed during the course of 2017 that are still worthy of your time and money. 

With both the ‘Best Oculus Rift Games You’ve Never Played’ and ‘Best PlayStation VR Games You’ve Never Played’ already covered it’s now the turn of HTC Vive, with the headset having a considerable selection on offer. If you can peel yourself away from Fallout 4 VR or DOOM VFR for one moment then how about checking out these lesser-known, but still very good titles.

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Mixing a science fiction storyline along with a surreal puzzle adventure, Charm Games’ FORM does just about everything right when it comes to immersing you in a fantastical VR experience. You play a scientist trying to unlock the mysteries of an ancient artifact, and in doing so are transported to an awe inspiring world filled with puzzles to test your mind, memory, hearing and more. Having launched in early June it can be quite easy for some videogames to get lost in the maelstrom that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).


The Invisible Hours

Tequila Works’ The Invisible Hours is fairly new having only launched in October for HTC Vive. The experience is a murder-mystery who-dun-it, a virtual reality (VR) version of Cluedo for those boardgame fans. Rather than play an actual character, you’re instead a kind of fly-on-the-wall, able to freely wander around the mansion, watching the story evolve whilst uncovering an intricate web of interwoven stories to discover clues to the murder of Nikola Tesla.

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Siegecraft Commander

There are a few real-time strategy (RTS) title out there for HTC Vive depending on what you’re after. One that might have escaped your attention was Siegecraft Commander by Blowfish Studios. Released at the beginning of the year, Siegecraft Commander offers an intriguing twist on tower defence style gameplay, where you have to launch your next tower from the last, with a wall interconnecting the two. This eventually leads to a carefully laid out web of towers and walls which can all come crumbling down at a moments notice should an enemy destroy a key early building with many branches leading off it. While an RTS, tower defence title may not be to everyone’s liking, it’s certainly worth a look if you enjoy a tabletop style challenge.

Siegecraft Commander - screenshot

Left-Hand Path

Another newbie that could’ve easily been overlooked thanks to another role-playing game (RPG) being released, Left-Hand Path is a Dark Souls inspired adventure that’s been created by indie studio Strange Company. Armed with arcane powers, players must wield their newly-found powers and explore to find even more powerful spells and rituals, while trying to stay alive long enough to solve the mysteries that lay before them. If you’re after a big RPG that offers something different to Bethesda then Left-Hand Path is certainly worth a look.

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Hurl VR

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life than can be the most rewarding but also most easily missed. For most of you reading this Hurl VR probably brings up blank expressions, sounding like a drunk party game that involves way too much liquid. That’s not the case however, as Hurl VR is about precision throwing (basketball style), trying to get a ball into a goal. Sounds easy enough but there are several types of platforms that need to be utilised to bounce and teleport the ball accurately. Hurl VR is simple to pick up yet fiendish by the end, so don’t overlook it if you’re after a cheap puzzler.

Hurl VR