Stylised Climbing Experience Derora Clambers onto Steam Early Access

While climbing videogames like Crytek’s mountaineering simulator The Climb go for a realistic approach to ascending vertical heights, today sees the launch of a far more stylised experience. Indie developer HoldensVR has released Derora on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, mixing both climbing and puzzle elements.

Derora screenshots 1

Set in a mystical rainforest, you play as Derora, a baby bird whose egg has somehow fallen from its nest. Confused, alone and not yet able to fly, your only option is to start the long ascent through the dense forest and get back to your nest.

Built specifically for virtual reality (VR), Derora offers you the opportunity to tackle the task of climbing back up however you so wish. You can create your own path through each rainforest level by scattering floating blocks and mysterious glowing spores out in front. Along the way you’ll be able to uncover hidden secrets, learn new ways to climb and discover a rich surreal environment.

“With Derora our core aim is to create an indie VR game that looks great and is fun to play,” project lead George Bennett said in a statement. “Releasing into Early Access makes sense for VR developers, as we’re all still learning what works and what doesn’t. The community’s feedback is extremely important in ensuring our games can reach their potential. For us, player feedback will now directly affect how we further develop the game.”

Derora screenshots 2

For today’s early access release HoldensVR will have four forest environments to play through, along with timed levels with global leaderboards so you can compete against friends and everyone else’s best times from across the globe.

HoldensVR plans on keeping Derora in early access for around 2 to 3 months. In that time the studio plans on expanding the main campaign, with new levels to unlock. A new gameplay mode called ‘Endless Challenge Mode’ will be added, as well as a multiplayer element. Derora features an evolving soundtrack that reacts to a players position, with the final version improving and expanding the ambient sounds and SFX.

Derora is the first VR title from the UK-based developer, and VRFocus will follow the videogames’ progress over the coming months.