Spells and Swordplay with New VR Discount Bundle on Steam

Winter is Here. For some that means an endless supply of Christmas cheer. For others who prefer to avoid the Holiday crowds and cold weather and are looking for something to fill the fantasy gap in their lives until Game of Thrones comes back, a new bundle on Steam might be just what is required.

Three studios are offering their high-fantasy themed virtual reality (VR) works for a discount rate to fill up the cold winter months with the joy of roasting enemies with fire magic, or chopping up bad guys with an axe or sword. Nordic trolls, Blackjard Softworks and Carbon Studio are offering three of the highest-rates fantasy VR titles on Steam as a bundle with a 15% discount on Steam.

Karnage Chronicles Screenshot

Karnage Chroncles, VR Dungeon Knight and The Wizards all share a high fantasy setting and a gameplay emphasis on action and adventure, with exploration being a key feature in all of them. VR Dungeon Knight offers co-operative gameplay so groups of friends can descend into procedurally generated dungeons to explore together. Karnage Chronicles offers intense melee-based combat, along with elements taken from RPGs and a heavy emphasis on story. The Wizards has drown much praise from Steam users for its use of hang gestures to cast spells.

“Our goal was to create an exciting, all-in-one package that delivers hours upon hours of adrenaline-pumping action and unforgettable adventures. We believe that it’s a perfect bundle for the adventurous soul with a hunger for crawling through monster infested dungeons, uncovering secrets, casting powerful spells and finding treasures.” said Thorbjørn Olsen of Nordic Trolls, the developer behind Karnage Chronicles.

The bundle costs £46.65 (GBP), a 15% discount on the full price. All the titles are compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

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