Rocket Armor Stomps onto Steam Early Access

Illusion Foundry has made its virtual reality (VR) debut with Rocket Armor, available now via Steam Early Access. Developed exclusively for HTC Vive, Rocket Armor features a unique flight system that enables realistic rocket powered ‘free flight’ using the HTC Vive’s motion-controllers.

Designed and engineered specifically for VR, with pilot controlled speed and full maneuverability in space, Rocket Armor features dyanimcally increasing difficulty as players progress through the target-based gampley. The videogame also features combat, with laser and sword weapons which enable fast-paced action with swarm AI enemy.

“The game is fun, challenging and fast paced and will, we believe, engage the player for many hours,” stated Max Lyon, CEO of Illusion Foundry, in an e-mail to VRFocus.

Launching as a Steam Early Access title with just one gameplay mode, Illusion Foundry wish to utilise community feedback to further develop the single-player aspect of the videogame. The team also state that multiplayer gameplay is taken ‘very seriously’, and that several prototypes are already in development.

While only offline leaderboards are available at launch, more online functionality will be incorporated over time. The team believe that the additional features currently planned for Rocket Armor – and those which may be developed through community feedback – will result in the videogame remaining in Steam Early Access for several months before a final launch version can be completed.

Despite the above promises relating to future feature sets, Rocket Armor is launching with its core gameplay mechanic – the ‘free flight’ system – already fully intact. Due to the development team’s wishes to expand the videogame alongside community feedback, Rocket Armor will be available for a reduced price throughout its Early Access period which will then increase to an undisclosed amount upon the eventual launch of the finished product.

The title is available for HTC Vive via Steam Early Access now, priced at £13.99 GBP, including a 15% reduction during its launch period. There is currently not specific date as to when Illusion Foundry will offer the first updates to Rocket Armor, nor when it may leave Early Access, but of course VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.