Quirky VR Puzzler Fail Factory! Out Now

Armature Studio have launched its latest title, Fail Factory! Which is a lighthearted, humorous physics-based puzzle title that lets players try to manage an ever-escalating situation that inevitably runs out of control into a ludicrous failure.

The studio hopes that Fail Factory! Will encourage players to explore and experiment in an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment where failure is not only harmless, but also amusing. The gameplay in Fail Factory! Involves the player working their way up the corporate ranks in a comical robot factory, trying to get the coveted award of ‘Star Employee’.

The title of the videogame comes into play as a chain of interacting errors as players attempt to manage various assembly lines in a series of mini-games. Players will work in assembly, sorting stations and quality assurance to try and assemble and control huge robots in a physics-based environments where any decision will inevitably lead to over-the-top, ludicrous failure. Users can also compete with other players for a high score on the online leaderboards

The title is filled with various satirical, quirky characters along with over 40 various mini-games in total, all rendered in distinctive bright and colourful cel-shaded graphics with an upbeat musical score created by composer Winifred Phillips.

Fail Factory! is out now for the Samsung Gear VR and is available on the Oculus Store, priced at £3.99 (GBP). The title has been designed to be approachable and easy to use, with minimal simulation sickness triggers. The title uses the Gear VR Controller as the primary control system.

The launch trailer is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Fail Factory! As it becomes available.