PlayStation Japan Release Farpoint Video, a Trailer it is not

Here at VRFocus we do enjoy the odd Japanese videogame trailer or two, especially the ones that go beyond the basic gameplay showcase adding that humour and originality that only the Japanese can provide – just look at the party political style promo video for V! No Heroes Allowed R! for example. One of the latest to be released by PlayStation Japan is for first-person shooter (FPS) Farpoint, and as usual it’s great fun to watch whether you understand it or not.

Farpoint screenshot

As VRFocus can neither speak nor write in Japanese, knowing what exactly is going on in the video is a little tricky but for our readers we’ve dug a little deeper into what the heck is going on. As you may well be aware earlier this month Farpoint  developer Impulse Gear released a new update for the PlayStation VR exclusive title, called ‘Versus Expansion Pack’.

The update is centred around the two new PvP modes: Deathmatch and Uplink which the guys in the video are promoting. They are comedy duo Drunk Dragon with the third chap being former mercenary journalist Masaki Takabe. The basic premise seems to be that Drunk Dragon are fighting one another in one of these new modes without much success. So in comes Takabe to help offer some pointers to beat each other.

I that’s not right or you want to elaborate further please do let us know in the comments section below.

The ‘Versus Expansion Pack’ also saw three new maps added: Underworld, Pipeline, and Permafrost, each with 3 areas, 15 new weapons and three new skins, all unlocked by gaining player and weapon XP awarded in Challenge, Co-Op and PvP game modes.

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