Payday 2 VR Beta Update Brings New Levels, Smooth Locomotion

Payday 2 VR had been riding high on many virtual reality (VR) gamers’ most wanted lists since its announcement back in May. The eventual launch of a beta testing phase for the videogame was warmly received, so too was the development team’s willingness to listen to community feedback; a passion for the audience that has now resulted in smooth locomotion being added to the videogame.

Payday 2 VR screenshot

The first major update to Payday 2 VR’s beta resulted in the addition of Oculus Rift compatibility, complete with in-game representations of the Oculus Touch motion-controllers. Now, the development team are continuing to listen to community feedback as is evident with the launch of the beta 1.4 update.

“We are really happy to see how well our latest addition to CrimeNet, the Reservoir Dogs Heist, has been received. We saw a few issues reported on the forums and we quickly got to work on ironing out the wrinkles,” reads the latest update from Overkill, developers of Payday 2 VR. “We also bring an update to the VR Beta today. Jump in and have a blast with some grenade launchers and a few new levels. We are adding the new level here as well so that you can do some classical heisting with modern tech. Finally we are also including some updated animations for grenade launchers, shotguns and revolvers.”

In addition to this new content, Overkill has brought smooth locomotion, dubbed ‘direct movement’ by the development team, to Payday 2 VR. Players can now choose to play with either ‘Dash + Direct’ movement or ‘Dash’ only.

Payday 2 VR screenshot

The full changelog for the update follows below, verbatim from publisher Starbreeze Studios, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Payday 2 VR.


Update VR Beta 1.4 Changelog

Update sizes:

  • Beta 1.31 – Beta 1.4 – 1,2Gb
  • Main Branch to Beta 1.4 – 94,9Mb


  • Added Dash + Direct movement system for HTC vive and oculus
  • Fixed and issue where the hands and weapons would lag behind when dashing


  • Added The Basics – Stealth
  • Added The Basics – Loud
  • Added the Reservoir Dogs Heist
  • Added the Watchdogs job
  • Added the Prison Nightmare job
  • Added the Nightclub


  • Added the China Puff 40mm
  • Added the GL40
  • Added the Piglet


  • Added reload animations for Shotguns
  • Added reload animations for Revolvers
  • Added reload animations for Grenade Launchers
  • Added visual shotgun shells for the manual reload system
  • Added visual grenades for grenade launchers for the manual reload system
  • Added visual bullets for revolvers for the manual reload system