Oh, Applesauce! The Fruit Is Revolting In This Shooty Fruity Gameplay

When it comes to fruit and vegetables we’re all supposed to enjoy our ‘five a day’. That’s the plan whereby you personally will be taking on the nutrients and sustenance you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sorry folks, it can’t all be hamburgers and chocolate. It makes you wonder really why someone doesn’t just invent chocolate made out of fruit and vegetables and save us all the guilt factor. In any case if you subscribe diligently to this idea then I’m afraid nDreams has some bad news for you. The fruit in their supermarket is spoilt. Spoilt rotten right down to the core.

Shooty Fruity screenshotWell, those of them that have cores at any rate.

A virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, in Shooty Fruity users must face mastering the art of multitasking. Not only must they scan goods coming down the supermarket conveyer belt, pick packages from a warehouse or serve up goods for customers they must do it all whilst under assault from waves of mutant fruit.  The only way to stop the onslaught? Bullets, explosives, and plenty of them.

Earlier today Rebecca Hills-Duty gave us the lowdown on what she thought the title was like. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite her cup of tea (and thankfully tea was not actually involved in the game) as you can see in her review here. However, whilst she was dealing with strange strawberries, obnoxious oranges, petrifying pineapples and other none too pleasant food stuffs she did take the time to record some of her goings on for you to enjoy.

In this section she takes on till work, where normally the only thing you should need concern yourself with is the odd crazy customer looking to pay for their goods in pennies and old ball point pen lids. Sadly, things aren’t going to go that smoothly for Rebecca on this shift as she soon becomes the target of a wave of apples. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but twenty of them are likely to send you to hospital in an ambulance. Time to reach for that pistol…

We’ll have more gameplay videos here on VRFocus very soon.