Oddbug Studio’s Charming VR Adventure The Lost Bear Confirmed for Oculus Rift

It was only a few short months ago that British indie videogame developer Oddbug Studio launched its first virtual reality (VR) title onto the market, a puzzle-platformer called The Lost Bear, for PlayStation VR. This week the team have announced that they’ve been working on expanding support, with the aim of porting the experience to Oculus Rift prior to Christmas.

The Lost Bear Oculus Reveal

Oddbug Studio made the announcement via Reddit and Twitter, alongside the above image. As a traditional platformer mixing it up with an immersive VR setting, The Lost Bear is played on PlayStation VR using the DualShock 4 controllers. As the Oculus Rift no longer comes supplied with a gamepad, the studio has wisely ensured the videogame is compatible with Oculus Touch.

The Lost Bear’s story line revolves around main character Walnut, a young girl on her way home who becomes separated from her brother. She must now must venture through a world corrupted by the toy stealing Snatcher, overcome her fears and rescue her beloved teddy.

When VRFocus reviewed The Lost Bear on PlayStation VR, the title got a full five stars, saying: “Despite being a relatively compact experience, OddBug Studio has created a tightly knit series of challenges invested in an eye-catching world topped-off with a VR implementation that will undoubtedly be copied by many other titles before the year is out. It’s hard to fault the team for what content is there, as in those few hours of gameplay it’s likely that you’ll find The Lost Bear to be one of the most compelling PlayStation VR videogames to date.”

As VRFocus was impressed with Oddbug Studio’s first VR offering, The Lost Bear made it onto ‘The Best PlayStation VR Games of 2017 so Far‘ list. Should the studio plan on expanding support further or release additional content, VRFocus will let you know.