Niantic Reboot First AR Title With Ingress Prime, Adding new Features, Visuals and More

Augmented reality (AR) videogame developer Niantic Labs might be more well known for the massive phenomenon that is  Pokémon GO but before that the studio released AR title Ingress. Today, the company has announced that work has begun on Ingress Prime, a reboot of the original, improving it with new features and more.

Ingress Prime will build upon the foundation of its forebear, bringing with it a completely redesigned user interface and sound design. An in-depth new user experience will introduce new and returning Agents to the real world global videogame as players battle between the Enlightened and Resistance factions.

Ingress Prime

While new features will integrate a smartphone’s camera to help further immerse players in the sci-fi world of Ingress.

“When Ingress first launched five years ago, we helped create a new genre of games that foster exploration, discovery, friendship and exercise,” said John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc in a statement. “Ingress is the foundation of our real-world gaming platform and showcases our ability to create in-game and live experiences that can be a force for positive change in communities worldwide. With Ingress Prime, we’re ushering in a new chapter of the game for our passionate fans who have been with us since the beginning as well as the next evolution of the experience for those new to Ingress.”

Ingress Prime will launch on iOS and Android devices in 2018, kicking off a massive new story arc, beginning a brand new narrative for Agents worldwide. Additionally, the global game board will reset as part of the new storyline, with current Agents able to retain all of their current in-game progression, level and items in Ingress Prime.

Ingress launched back in 2012, set in a sci-fi universe where players are divided into two factions, The Enlightened and The Resistance, and must collaborate to discover and capture Portals disguised as public art and landmarks in the real world. Since release, Ingress has been downloaded more than 20 million times and hosted hundreds of thousands of players at more than 2,000 real world events around the world states Niantic.

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