New VR Centre Now Open in Bristol UK

With high-end virtual reality (VR) experiences, a great deal of expensive equipment is needed, as well as a suitable amount of space to enjoy room-scale VR experiences. This means that for many people, high-quality VR is out of reach, hence the rise of location-based VR centres, such as the newly opened VR Star centre in Bristol, UK.

Recently opened in the Cabot Circus Shopping Centre in Bristol is the VR Star VR experience centre, which has now taken its place as one of the largest such centres to be opened in the UK so far. With a grand opening taking place on 15th December, 2017, the centre offers a range of VR experiences using physical props and feedback to provide a more immersive experience to customers.

Content available includes a motorbike racing title where users can sit on a bike seat and experience VR visuals inspired by classic film Tron as they race through a neon-lit landscape, or they can take a position controlling a mounted gatling gun and mow down encroaching enemies, or try a hand at caring and feeding dinosaurs. A 4D immersive theatre is also on offer.

The hardware and content on offer is provided by UK-based VR technology company Immotion, whose stated aim is to produce high-quality ‘out of home’ VR experiences, combining premium graphics along with immersive sound so customers can enjoy 360-degree movies or interactive videogames.

Arek Antoniak, Operations Manager of VR Star said: “The launch of our first centre in Bristol is hugely exciting. If you have only ever experienced VR at home or a quick demo in a shop, then you are going to be blown away by our platforms. They engage all your senses to create something that is genuinely immersive and thrilling. The good news is we will be open in time for the height of the Christmas shopping season. Shoppers in Bristol can escape the crowds and enjoy a whole new world!”

Further information on the VR Star centre, including booking options, pricing and opening hours, is available on the VR Star website. VRFocus will continue to report on new and upcoming VR experiences around the world.