My Life as an Adventurer: Day 1 in Skyrim VR

I am FocVRus, a wizard of unequalled intelligence in the land of Skyrim. My fame until now has been muted, but the path of fate that lay out before me was not one I could have expected. Taken captive as punishment for a crime I did not commit, I soon found myself plummeting down a rabbit hole of destiny from which there was no escape, and now somehow the fate of the world rests upon my shoulders. What a burden to bear.

Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life screenshot

I awoke travelling upon a cart with two beaten looking men, and one who had been both gagged and bound. My morning had begun in a sorry state, but was nothing compared to what was still to come. One of the passengers was quick to inform me that the tied-up man to my right was in fact Ulfric Stormcloak; a rebellion leader with a reputation I was aware of, but I did not have time to be worried by such trivial matters such as who governed the land. Such concerns are for people who live within society, not on the fringes of it. Yet still, here I was in the company of a traitor/hero – depending on which side of the coin you sat – on my way to meet a grisly end.

During the journey I was informed of the situation Mr. Stormcloak had found himself in, and upon arrival at our destination, Helgen, it was clear that the Imperial Legion were not about to accept my innocence in his presence. Another of the captives, Lokir, attempts to make a run for it and is shot dead by archers. I however, would accept my demise gracefully.

As I lie down upon the chopping block, the black-masked face of death starring upon me brandishing his axe, something not too short of miraculous happened; a dragon swooped in an lay waste to the entire of Helgan.

Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life screenshot

Without great choices for ally I followed Ulfric and his Stormcloak companion, all the while attempting to avoid the dragon’s blaze. My hands still in cuffs I am unable to defend myself, but my feet can move me to safety if I avoid detection. A guard takes pity on me and escorts me across the burning battlefield, telling me to stay close in order to survive. He soon realises that he alone cannot take on the dragon, and unties me if only to provide himself with another sword by his side.

We run together through a dungeon, entertaining colleagues of my new found ally before battling knee-high spiders with the new sword I’d acquired. With my newly freed hand I’m now able to use my casting ability, healing myself every step of the way as Stormcloak stragglers hit hard and insect bites are not easily avoided. Soon, we see daylight, and freedom is truly mine once again.