Mini-Game Collection Wonderglade Heads to Samsung Gear VR

After mini-game collection Wonderglade proved a success on the Google Daydream platform, developers Resolution Games have turned its attention to the Samsung Gear VR to deliver fast-paced mini-gaming action to that platform as well.

Wonderglade was launched on Google Daydream last year, where it was very successful, consistently maintaining a high star rating from users. The title is a collection of mini-games themed around a carnival. The Samsung Gear VR version will feature Gear VR controller support and all six mini-games and the Wonder Wheel experience.

The available mini-games are as follows:

  • Hamster Hoops: Play some galactically-themed Basketball with ‘space hamsters’.

  • Tip N Tilt Racing: Get the ball to the goal before time runs out by controlling the tilt-board maze.

  • Tiny Tee Golf: A nine-hole mini-golf course

  • Bistro Basher: Smash a fine restaurant to bits

  • Tinder Town: Defend the cardboard town from fires

  • Magic Mayhem: Shoot ice crystals out of the sky with magic

  • Wonder Wheel: Use tickets earned in other games to unlock items

“Mobile VR is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and we’ve been firmly committed to these platforms, making experiences on mobile headsets that everyone can enjoy,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “Wonderglade has seen an incredibly warm reception by gamers looking for a fun, varied experience in a virtual fantasy theme park. We’re excited to be bringing these experiences to the millions of Gear VR users.”

Wonderglade is now available for free download from the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR. The trailer is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Wonderglade as it becomes available.